Islands of Japan

Islands of Japan


30 Sep - 11 Oct 2019
from $5000

An encore of our Japan ride through Kyushu, Shikoku and Honshu. This is a beautiful ride that should be on everyone’s bucket list of cycling holidays.

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Day 1 - Arrive Izumi
Day 2 - Cycle Izumi to Hinagu Onsen (75km)
Day 3 - Cycle Hinagu Onsen to Ozu (72km)
Day 4 - Cycle Ozu to Kurakawa (58km)
Day 5 - Cycle Kurakawa to Beppu (70km)
Day 6 - Ferry Bepphu to Yawatahama, Cycle to Uchiko (43km)
Day 7 - Cycle Uchiko to Matsuyama (53km)
Day 8 - Transfer Matsuyama to Tokushima
Day 9 - Ferry Tokushima to Wakayama, Cycle to Koyasan (58km)
Day 10 - Cycle Koyasan to Nara (95km)
Day 11 - Cycle Nara to Kyoto (53km)
Day 12 - end